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Strong online presence

Create a website that increases business productivity and revenue.

You are loosing prospects to your competitors right now, If you don’t have a website in this digital age.

You could save up to 3-4 hours of the time you spend talking to prospects; Widen your marketing horizon; Increase your brand visibility; Gain business credibility and more.

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Basic Features You Are Sure Of:

How much do you really want
Your business to grow?

Pricing is super


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Most of the time, consumers expect to be able to find information about a company online. If you don’t have a website, customers may question the legitimacy of your business or go to a competitor’s site.

Having a website can be a cost-effective way to reach a wider audience. When you create a website for your business, you can save on overhead costs such as rent, utilities, and staffing.

Create a website that will enhance and support your business today.

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Let's give your business a befitting online presence.

Did you know we can get you a hosting package that can host up to 3 website, with a free domain name for just $23?

We can start by checking the availability of your preferred domain name for your website.

You can be assured of an affordable, yet an effective hosting package to suit your business.

Why you should choose Geofsphere for your website design

Flexible pricing, pay for only what you need. Focus more on your business objectives.
We are transparent about everything. We educate you on what you need before you pay for them.
Our design is not just for the beauty alone. But the main purpose is to increase productivity.
We are more interested in your satisfaction and delivery of value.
We'll always deliver our promises and operate within the right, global acceptable tech standards.
We consistently look for room for improvement in all our services.


At Geofsphere we believe that when our customers makes progress through our tech services, that we are making progress as well. 

Our greatest goal is never in money, but in our customers satisfaction, because they are the reason we are in business, and they are the pillars of our business.

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Geofsphere services has proven to be productive to my companies, very innovative, support is always quick and effective, would refer them anytime.

Engr Michael

MJS Maritime

In my experience with Geofsphere services so far, the things I like most about Geofsphere  are: Their honesty, timely support when I asked, and professionalism. I'd surely recommend them for digital designs.

Dr Wendy

Greenleaf Biotech

My website is soooooo beautiful and very easy to navigate. You helped put my vision for the website into reality. Thank you Geofsphere.

Ms Nonye

CEO PCS Education Consultancy

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Geofsphere is doing wonders in the tech space and their services are top notch.

Okwume Ezinne prisca


The Geofsphere's support person I worked with is a reasonable person compared to other fewer websites designers that I have worked with.

He is cool-headed and his communication skills particularly in getting work done are very “apt’’.



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Geofsphere helped me save the day on what could have been a disaster on my WordPress site.Response was timely and fruitful.Thanks Geofsphere.

Kenneth Balogun

We can do more than just design

Do you have something unique on your mind? Bring it on, we like unique. We can also redesign your existing site, help you out with your website bugs.

Getting started is super easy, just hit the button below and start chatting with a dedicated website designer at once.

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