Privacy protection

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While purchasing your domain the domain name issuing companies will give you the option to  add Privacy Protection  to your cart or not, in case you don’t know what that means, it hides your personal information, name, email, address and phone number in the public WHOIS directory and only shows that of the domain name issuing company instead of yours.
Here are some of the advantages of privacy protection:

♥ It prevents domain-related spam.
♥ It helps in stopping domain hijacking.
♥ It protects your website against stalkers and harassers.
♥ It also helps you stay in control of information that goes out about you, in essence since it hides your personal information from WHOIS directory, it thereby offers you the leverage to decide what information you wish to make public through your business or company website and also Provide safe contact information that both you and your customers can feel comfortable using.

It’s safe and wise for you to purchase the privacy protection!