Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant #


A virtual assistant is an independent contractor who from outside the client’s office (home | remotely | their own office) provides majorly administrative services to/for a client. However A virtual assistant is meant to be able to access the client’s necessary planning documents, such as shared calendars, remotely.

Virtual Assistance is changing the way business are being run in recent times. It helps business owners to focus more on what is more valuable and relevant to their business, when it comes to workforce and staffing.

In essence Virtual assistance saves both time and cost. You don’t have to pay for a workforce, staff training or labor when you don’t need it; Less spending on office accessories like computers and furniture.

Virtual assistance has in recent times proven it’s advantages over the traditional workforce approach.

It’s in order to say that it helps in facilitating return on investment(ROI) and maximizing business values.

What is a virtual assistant job like? #

A virtual assistant job could span from simple jobs like social media manager, taking calls from clients, scheduling meetings to advanced ones like project management and business deals negotiation.

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It might also interest you to know that virtual assistant is also in form of artificial intelligence now, this means that software and web applications can actually do the job of a virtual assistant if well programmed.