wordpress private training

Learn how to build different types of websites for different niches

This is a fast-paced, private, online, straight-to-productivity web design training course.
You won’t spend a dime on transportation nor will your tight schedule get in the way. You get to learn from the comfort of your home.

You build and learn on a life server, get real hands on experience and see results in real time.

What you will learn


Do you feel awkward learning in group with strangers? You are always shy when it comes to asking questions in a class? Then this private WordPress training course is definitely for you!

Continue your training even when you traveled to a new location; Each session is all about you, ask that dumb question without feeling shy; Schedule your classes to time that best suits you without ruining your other important schedules;

You can learn from your bed for all you care as long as you are following along. With this one-on-one private WordPress training course, you learn at your own pace, build advanced projects and more. Take advantage of this promo while it lasts.

Price starts at:


Build one websites while learning: ₦50k.

Build two websites while learning: ₦80k

NOTE: The costs above is for the training only, you’d need to purchase a hosting package worth $23 for any of the packages above you chose.

However, good news is that this particular hosting can host up to 3 websites. To learn more, feel free to chat us on WhatsApp using our free consultation program.

What you will be doing

wordpress private training image

Bonus packed WordPress private training

  • Learn the basics of cpanel operations.
  • Learn how to create and manage webmails
  • Learn the basics of phpmyadmin and similar cpanel tools.
  • Learn the basic SEO(search engine optimization).

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This WordPress private training course is for you if:

You need a top-notch wordpress training to start your freelancing or virtual assistance business.
You want to build websites for your business and for other companies.
You are looking for a way to create an extra stream of income.
You are not looking for a free nor cheap article to build substandard and highly vulnerable WordPress sites.
You want to acquire new relevant skills, while also building standard websites for your businesses.
You want something straight to the point and productivity oriented.

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