7 Reasons Why Remote Tech Training Is Better Than Offline Training?

“Why is remote tech training better than offline/physical class tech training” I have been asked this question multiple times by our incoming students.

As a matter of fact, this is the one of the main reason behind the publishing of this post.

If you have ever wondered yourself, why more people are now opting for one-on-one remote training, other than the usual physical class group training, then this post is for you.

Also, if you are you looking for a more flexible and faster approach to tech learning, Look no further. In this post, you are going to discover seven reasons why remote tech training is better than offline tech training.

1. Convenience

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With remote tech training, you can learn anywhere, anytime, and on any device. No need to spend time and money on travel, lodging, or meals.

You can simply log in to your training session from the comfort of your own home, office, or even during your commute.

You can still continue your training even when you go on vacation; Natural disaster like rain or storm can not disrupt your training, since all you need is just your PC and internet.

2. Customized Learning Experience

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With one on one remote tech training, you get a customized learning experience tailored to your needs. You can focus on specific areas of technology that you want to learn about or improve upon.

Your training can be designed to fit your learning style, pace, and schedule. Your dedicated tutor already understands your strengths as well as your weaknesses, so she/he would give you a more personalized training to help you learn faster and conveniently.

3. Greater Interaction

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During remote tech training, there is greater interaction between the trainer and the trainee. Since it is a one on one session, you have the trainer’s full attention and can ask questions and get immediate feedback.

This level of interaction is harder to achieve in an offline/offsite training session. Isn’t that cool?

4. Up-to-Date Knowledge

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Remote tech trainers are usually professionals with up-to-date knowledge in their area of expertise.

They are usually actively working in the field and can provide real-world examples and insight that may not be available in offline/offsite training sessions.


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Remote tech training is often more cost-effective than offline/offsite training because there is no need for expenses such as commuting, lodging, or meals.

You also save time and money by avoiding time off from work or other commitments.

6. Greater Flexibility

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Remote tech training sessions can be scheduled during weekends, evenings, or even early mornings, making it more flexible for those who have busy schedules.

It can also be rescheduled or extended if necessary, without any major inconvenience. Now isn’t that what you have always wanted?

7. Quality Assurance

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Some remote tech training providers offer a satisfaction guarantee, giving you peace of mind that you are learning from a reputable source and that your training will meet your expectations.

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In conclusion, remote tech training offers convenience, customization, interaction, up-to-date knowledge, cost-effectiveness, flexibility, and quality assurance.

So why waste time and money on offline/offsite training when you can get all these benefits from one on one remote tech training? Or worse still, have your other important events and schedules clash with your training?

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Geoff is a python software engineer, a web content specialist, an IT virtual assistant and a tech private trainer.